Stone Atlas is a Modern Blues-Rock group from Alaska.  They have been together only a short while and released their debut album, Everywhere with You, in April 2020.  

Up beat, hard hitting original tracks line their setlist with tunes that have a poetic folk side to lyrics that are wailed over twisted guitar licks.  Songs about love, hardships, traveling, and the unique characters met on the road.   

These up and comers are hitting the stage hard with a wild variety of other genres layered into the core of modern rock.  Some of their songs sound like, and are inspired by:  Folk, funk, jazz, punk, and soulful  blues ballads.  


Everywhere with You - Album Now Available!

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Anchorage Daily News Featured Stone Atlas

Anchorage Daily News "Quarantunes" has featured a Stone Atlas original, M.T.R in lieu of their debut album release.  Click here to see the full article!

COVID-19 Update

Stone Atlas has postponed or canceled all future shows until further notice as to support the efforts of social/physical distancing.  Please stay safe and healthy! 

No upcoming events.


Chair Five, Girdwood AK   |   02.27.2020


Peri's Bar, Fairfax CA   |   11.12.2019

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